Hardwood Flooring Purchase Guide

This is our hardwood flooring buyers guide.

Living room hardwood floorUsually a hardwood or engineered floor is a significant investment, so it is only sensible to take care and make sure you get it right the first time. Here are some useful guidelines to help with your new hardwood flooring:

1. Double check your measurements

Most suppliers impose a delivery charge on small quantities. If you have just received a quote, check your measurements so that you won't have to order a small amount extra, as this can be very expensive.

2. If you are installing onto a concrete slab, check the moisture level of the concrete before installation

Timber is sensitive to moisture levels and can change size and shape when exposed to moisture. Ensuring that the area underneath the boards is dry before installation will prevent the floor from deforming once it is laid.

3. If the walls have recently been plastered or the floor screeded, allow it time to dry before installation

Again, moisture in the walls can affect the moisture level in the air which will affect the timber boards. There shouldn't be anything in the room which can cause unusual levels of moisture in the air.

4. Allow at least 7 days for your floor to acclimatise before installation 

Over time, timber gradually adjusts to match the moisture content of the air around it. Allowing time for this to happen before installation prevents deformation after it is laid.

Varnished Hardwood floor come and <a  href="/contact">view samples at our yard</a>In the event that you do want to return your hardwood floor, there are two things to remember:

  1. Quay Timer will impose a 25% return charge on non-stock floors, and 20% on stock floors.
  2. Our suppliers may impose a further haulage charge.

Following these simple guidelines will in most cases prevent any unfortunate and expensive accidents. 

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