Fireworks for Freedom at Summerhill

Summerhill Bowling Club have just kicked off their annual fireworks display for the public. This year is they’ve made it particularly special, coinciding with the recent anniversary year of Martin Luther King receiving his doctorate from University, the festivities focussed upon Mr Frederick Douglass.  

Frederick Douglass effigy designed on a sheet of 9mm plywood 

Douglass was a prominent abolitionist, author, statesman and social reformer. In 1846 he lived in Summerhill Grove, where locals Henry and Anna Richardson helped him to legally buy his freedom from American slave owners. A blue-ribbon plaque has been attached to the house in which the famous orator lived.  

A commemorative plaque on the side of Frederick Douglass' former home 

The Friends of Summer Hill, supported by the Heritage Lottery Foundation, have gone to great lengths to honour this civil rights hero this year. Using Quay Timber plywood, they have designed a large-scale portrait of Frederick Douglass along with the steam engine he escaped from the plantation on. These served as the centrepieces for the fireworks display, raising awareness and supporting equality and freedom.  


Summerhill Bowling Club is a fantastic venue for events and is well established as a pillar within the community.The Large-scale, open-air event featured sculpture art, singing and speeches, fire-works and bonfire. And a party afterwards!